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Pursue Your Immigration Dreams

The path to legal immigration status in the United States can be a difficult one. I devote my practice to guiding people on that path. By helping them secure legal status, I give them the power to build the life they envision in the United States.

I’m Thomas Johnson, an immigration lawyer and solo practitioner at Johnson Law Office. I draw on more than three decades of legal experience to navigate the many complexities of immigration law.

My experience is far-reaching. Throughout my career, I’ve appeared in state and federal courts across seven states. I’ve served as a city attorney, filled in as a prosecutor and even sat as a special district judge. These roles gave me a deep understanding of the legal system from every angle, which is invaluable in all aspects of my immigration practice.

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Based in Texarkana, I handle immigration cases nationwide and throughout the Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas (Ark-La-Tex) regions.

What You Can Count On When Working With Me

I believe that everyone deserves to be heard and supported when they’re confronting immigration issues. I provide respectful representation rooted in a commitment to helping individuals and families realize their American dreams. I’ll stand by your side, offering clear, understandable guidance so you can make informed choices at every juncture.

Your Partner On The Immigration Journey

I can support you throughout the immigration process, whether helping you reunite with loved ones through family-based immigration, pursuing your employment aspirations, or defending against alleged immigration violations.

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